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The dates are all Fridays except for December 22nd, which was a Thursday January 7th Reopened on Monday January 3rd. Number in Register 137. Average for week 89. Rev. Tripp, Curate-in-charge, kindly agreed to give scripture lessons on each Tuesday and Thursday. January 14th Attendance lowered by very cold snowy weather. The Prince and Princess of Wales visited Oakham. January 21st Attendance even lower - closed Wednesday - heavy snow. February 25th Cold weather and snow. Admitted two little boys just turned three years of age. March 4th Half holiday on Tuesday afternoon - Shrove Tuesday. Weather rough, cold and snowy. March 11th An alarm has been raised of Scarletina, but with little foundation. March 18th An alarm of scarlet fever having been raised, it was deemed advisable to send home the family pointed out by the Doctor, although the mother declared nothing much was the matter. April 1st Many children are away, it being Burrow Hill Race Day. April 14th Easter. April 26th Inspector’s Report - The children are in good order and the standard of work has much improved in accuracy. The Grammar was just passable although it requires attention in the upper standard. The Geography was not properly known, nor is this to be wondered at, considering how irregularly many of the children attend. The Infant class is in good order and is very fairly taught. As has been before suggested, the present and clumsy and inconvenient desks, which block up the centre of the room and make class teaching almost impossible, should be replaced by others of a more modern and suitable description. Isaac Eades. Certificated Teacher of the Second Class. May 6th Many girls stayed away to go “May bushing”. May - Fair at Oakham. May 13th School closed on Wednesday afternoon as there was a Circus at Oakham,, most children went. June 3rd Mr. Swift called this morning, examined the Registers, and was notified of the fact of a full school for the Friday mornings when he was expected. Weather very hot all week. June 24th On Wednesday morning it rained very heavily at about half past eight to ten, consequently many stayed at home. July 15th Weather this week has been very hot and trying. There is smallpox in Barrowden and neighbourhood. July 29th Number on register - 149. August 19th The weather has been showery and damp and so the Harvest is a week later at the least. It was intended to break up as today but that event is postponed for a week. August 25th Broke up today for the Harvest holiday of 4 weeks. September 30th Reopened Monday. As the harvest is not nearly done, the attendance is very small. Eighty present - 150 on register. Circus at Oakham on Thursday and many children went to see it. October 14th Several children stayed away on Thursday afternoon as there was a Club Feast and Melton Brass Band (or part of it) were in the village. Very windy - many have stayed away to gather sticks. Houses have been damaged. The big finger has been blown off the Church clock. November 18th The policeman called this morning to make inquiries relative to some trifling damage done to one of Mr. Pollard’s houses, lately occupied by Mr. Freck. It transpired that it had been done by two very small boys and no more was said. November 25th The Oakham Cattle and Poultry Show has lowered the average attendance this week. December 22nd Broke up at noon for the Xmas holidays for two weeks. If you would like to read more, please see our publication Langham School Days, you are able to read this on-line or purchase the printed booklet